Find Joy in the Journey

Find Joy in the Journey


Life is certainly a journey. Sometime, I think God is up there grinning as he watches his grand plan all fall so perfectly in place. While we are on the journey of life, he always had all of the puzzle pieces all worked out. I often struggle with letting go and letting God. I like to be in control, I like to be the captain of my own boat and make decisions. I’m stubborn and impatient.

For the last few years, since becoming a mother, I have pleaded with God to allow us to find a way for me to stay home or work at home to spend more time with our little ones. I mean, it’s been heavy on my heart-ugly cries and lots of rationalizing. But, for four years it just didn’t seem to work out. Little did I know, God was planning something BIGGER for us. I had to be patient. I had to trust and find joy in this beautiful journey of life, which I did. I think this was also part of his plan. I had to be content with the beautiful life we already had. I had to find happiness when I wasn’t getting my way.

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For those of you that know us and are part of our journey you have seen first hand the divine plan play out. When I imagined God granting me the opportunity to leave my full time job to focus on our family I always thought he’d just magically gift us a lottery winning (it would help if we played the lottery) or possibly an inheritance from a distant relative (wishful thinking), or well anything other than starting a custom laser art shop. Here we are though, ONE year into Southern Grit and is my second week without an out of home full time position! God is so good! Its crazy scary, but also the most at peace I’ve ever been.

We cannot wait to see what happens next. No matter where the journey might take us, we will trust in His plan to know what is best. Southern Grit has given our family so many gifts. One of my grandest joys is working with our customers. I have meet thousands of people over the last year. Crafting pieces that are specially designed for nurseries, weddings, or cherished tokens of remembrance give me more joy than you could imagine. I seriously am giddy when new orders pop up and a new story unfolds.

Thank you for letting us into your world. Thank you for your support of this crazy journey.

Find Joy,

S & K